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Secret War in Laos

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Secret War in Laos

1970 FLYING THROUGH MIDNIGHT Watch the full program: http://thefilmarchived.blogspot.com/2...

This film is a CBS exploration of the history of the "secret" war in Laos, the Central Intelligence Agency's involvement in the war, and U.S foreign policy toward the country.

According to William M. Leary, a University of Georgia historian who analyzed Laotian operations for the CIA Center for the Study of Intelligence, CIA-led covert action in Laos was the largest paramilitary operation in the history of the Agency. There has been much controversy about Agency involvement in the Southeast Asia drug trade, and Leary takes an intermediate position. "For more than 13 years, the Agency directed native forces that fought major North Vietnamese units to a standstill.... As Joseph Westermeyer, who spent the years 1965 to 1975 in Laos as a physician, public health worker, and researcher, wrote in Poppies, Pipes, and People: 'American-owned airlines never knowingly transported opium in or out of Laos, nor did their American pilots ever profit from its transport. Yet every plane in Laos undoubtedly carried opium at some time, unknown to the pilot and his superiors--just as had virtually every pedicab, every Mekong River sampan, and every missionary jeep between China and the Gulf of Siam.' "If the CIA was not involved in the drug trade, it did know about it. As former DCI William Colby acknowledged, the Agency did little about it during the 1960s, but later took action against the traders as drugs became a problem among American troops in Vietnam. The CIA's main focus in Laos remained on fighting the war, not on policing the drug trade."

In 1950, the CIA, which supported but did not command covert action (until 1952), CIA determined that it could best meet its support responsibilities with a proprietary airline under its clandestne control. "In August 1950, the Agency secretly purchased the assets of Civil Air Transport (CAT), an airline that had been started in China after World War II by Gen. Claire L. Chennault and Whiting Willauer. CAT would continue to fly commercial routes throughout Asia, acting in every way as a privately owned commercial airline. At the same time, under the corporate guise of CAT Incorporated, it provided airplanes and crews for secret intelligence operations. During the Korean war, for example, it made more than 100 hazardous overflights of mainland China, airdropping agents and supplies."

A memorandum of November 12, 1969 from Kissinger to Nixon. reviewed the procedure for attacks in Laos. Kissinger raised several questions in response to a CIA memorandum on Vang Paos offensive in the Plain of Jars. A joint response from the CIA and the Departments of Defense and State said: - U.S. ability to control (including veto) a Lao operation is to all practical purposes complete because U.S. matériel and air support are vital. - In practice, most operations are conceived by commanders of individual Military Regions in close conjunction with U.S. Military Attachés, or in the case of Vang Pao and the other irregulars, with the local CIA Area Chief. - In brief, the following U.S. clearance procedures are followed: -- The cognizant U.S. military attaché or CIA Area Chief forwards the request to U.S. Country Team, consisting of Ambassador, DCM, Military Attachés and CIA Station Chief. -- Vang Paos operations are also cleared by the CIA base at Udom, Thailand which assesses the Agencys ability to provide necessary support. -- The Ambassador requests authorization from State for politically sensitive operations or activities exceeding established operating procedures and refers requests for air support to MACV.

If you follow the money, you know that the agency has generated enough 'black funds' for those who give it its orders, to overthrow the country several times over. We tried to warn people with retirement money in the stock market for the last 35 years that black funds were being used to supercharge insider trading in order to steal away the value of retirement funds while transfering ownership to the perps. In that time the middle class has been halved from 70% and the 70% ownership of stock by retirement funds has also been halved. Quartered if you account for inflation. Yet parents are still sacrificing their children to the War on Drugs and doing nothing to end their prohibition. Go figger. Maybe commercial TV has had something to do with brainwashing them into voting for more privatized prisons for their kids so that the people selling the heroin to them can be trillionaires. -ed.

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Secret War Secret Slaughter MAG Laos 1995




Secret War Secret Slaughter MAG Laos 1995
Promotional, development, education, and advocacy film shot in the very early days of mine action in the Lao PDR in southeast Asia. The first documentary ever shot in Laos about the US bombing and its legacy of unexploded ordnance. Many have followed in its wake.

Several hundred thousand unexploded ordnance devices are still litering the countryside to this day, and killing kids on a weekly basis in Laos.


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