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Israei's Violence,
Theft and Escape
from Justice

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Israei's Violence, Theft and Escape from Justice

David Schermerhorn sailed in the first Free Gaza Flotilla in August, 2008 to bring food and medicine to Palestinians in Gaza. Later in that year, David Schermerhorn experienced Israeli cannon fire while an international observer on Palestinian fishing boats. Then as now, Israeli's resort to gunboat diplomacy to establish territorial boundaries.

In 2010 David Schermerhorn participated in the flotilla that was assaulted by Israeli commandos. Nine humanitarians were murdered in international waters. The Palestinians have suffered and been exploited. The Free Gaza flotillas keep a promise that the suffering and repressed people of Gaza will not be forgotten.


Cut Through the Denial About Israeli's Violence
Israeli commandos gunned down 9 unarmed civilians who were bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza. American Zionists gunned down White House reporter Helen Thomas for telling the truth. Violence and denial characterize Zionism. This show cuts through denial and exposes Israelís violence. Americans have seen too little of the bloody aftermath of Israel defending itself.

Guest Dr. Bill Dienst, an emergency room physician, volunteered several times to work a year in Gaza. He witnessed the horrific death and carnage inflicted by Zionists. Exasperated physicians in Gaza want Americans to glimpse the gore of Israel defending itself. WARNING. This program contains disturbing and graphic images of human trauma.


Israel's Matrix of Control
Matrix of control. That sounds ominous. However, itís true, according to my guest Jimmy Johnson, International coordinator for the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions headquartered in Jerusalem. Israel has leaped ahead in weapons, surveillance and even architectural design to control a population. The occupied Palestinian territories have served as a laboratory to perfect these big brother security systems and techniques to control a population. That menacing technology is a major export to the United States.


The BDS Movement:
Talk and Discussion with Omar Barghouti, Part One
The BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) is an effective voice brining attention to the injustices of Israelís treatment of the Palestinian community in the Middle East. Omar Barghouti is a founder of the BDS movment. In part 1 Mr. Barghouti provides his personal struggle to bring the movment forward and includes a very personal insight into the struggle and its leaders. The event was held at a private residence in the San Diego area.


The BDS Movement: Talk and Discussion with Omar Barghouti, Part Two
In part 2, Omar Barghouti takes questions from the audience about a range of issues from the Goldstone report to how Americanís can effectively participate and support the BDS movement.


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