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War by Deception

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War by Deception

When some people hear the word "conspiracy" they start thinking of a tinfoil hat crowd and invoke images of space aliens, paranoia, or a variety of cults and nonsense. Well there are a lot of wacky conspiracies about many things but that does not mean that conspiracies don't or can't happen. For example, the Iran Contra Affair was a massive government conspiracy hidden from the press and public for years. It happened in my life time and it involved billions of dollars and multiple countries. This was a case where one part of the government did not know what another part of the government was doing. Thousands of people were killed, mulitple countries in Central America as well as Iran and Israel were involved and yet it was kept as a total secret from the media or perhaps by the media for years. Not only was it possible to hide this from the public but most of our own government was unaware of what covert activies were bing done by the small cabal inside it and the CIA. Likewise much of the CIA didn't even know what a compartment in the CIA was doing. Many of the players forced to testify to the Wlash Commission avoided trouble and were allowed to continue to be in government or are still currently serving now. The CIA as well as Manucher Ghorbanifar and the Israeli hawk Michael Ledeen funded their activities with illegal drug and arms sales. The blackmarket weapons trade and the sale of illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin are rutine methods to finance black ops. In fact the some of the same people Michael Ledeen and Ghorbanifar have themselves neck deep in the niger forgeries which acted as a central lie to create a pre-inavsion WMD propaganda in order to start a war with Iraq.

The Iran Contra has since been admitted to but many of the people involved did not get into trouble. They were given presidential pardons either by Bush Sr. or Bill Clinton. Most of them still have jobs and are working in the government right now! A lead investigator into Iran Contra who gave many of the key suspect immunity, was Lee Hamilton, he was late chose to be part of the 911 commission. We'll talk more about that bunch later. It is a stone cold fact that known Iran Contra criminals who were part of that conspiracy are working in the government right now. The CIA and Mossad have gotten away with countless covert operations and false flags. There are too many to name. So for those who think a covert operation or conspiracy can't happen, you need to open a history book, or at the very least start doing some online research. You can not assume that these terrible things will be on the TV news. History shows the opposite. The Main Stream Media in the US sides with the liars. They acted as nothing but propaganda in the build up to war with Iraq. Each talking head gave the pentagon approved account and dissenting voices were ignored and smeared. So to reject conspiracies as a whole just because there are some kooks who think the moon landing was fake or Elvis is still alive etc is no reason to just reject the concept all together. I have had people tell me conspiracies never work and that they can't be done because someone always snitches. Well that argument just does not float in reality. There are way too many counter examples of successful conspiracies and Hoaxes. See CIA's Secret Wars and that's only a fraction. [source]


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