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Douwe Beerda - Permaculture


High on Permaculture in the Rocky Mountains
Peak Moment 156: Kris Holstrom's off-grid permaculture farm at 9000 feet high is living proof that food can be grown nearly anywhere. Managing with a very short growing season and water constraints, she and her interns have created magic.

Tour the sun-warmed, insulated greenhouse where greens are grown year-round. It&aposs home to a waterfall and pond with fish, trellises for grapes and seedlings, artwork for the soul, and mushrooms growing from straw.

The outside garden offers herbs, berries, greens and prayer flags. Kris sees herself as a steward of the land, and delights in sharing it with kids and interns in a spirit of love and reciprocity.



Bullock Brothers Homestead - A 25-Year Permaculture Project
Peak Moment 68: Take a tour with Joe, Doug and Sam Bullock on their Orcas Island homestead, site of a yearly Permaculture design course.

Using nature as their model, they create edges and wildlife habitat, move water through the landscape, promote diversity, and raise an astonishing variety of plants from sub-arctic to tropical -- a wise investment in these climate-changing times.



A Permaculture Perspective:
Living in Authenticity During Energy Descent
Bill Wilson, Midwest Permaculture Institute, Stelle, Illinois. Presented at "A Renaissance of Local", Lyons, Colorado, September 2007.

The 2007 Renaissance of Local was a county-wide community festival, conference and expo celebrating local food, local energy, local economy, local culture, and local community.

It was an energizing focus for Boulder County Going Local! in their campaign to build community self-sufficiency and to strengthen the local economy through partnership, collaboration, and engagement.



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