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The Cause of Effect:
Hijacking Humanity

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The Cause of Effect: Hijacking Humanity

After connecting with many people from around the world during 5 years of intense research, Paul Verge charts his journey of startling discoveries through the many systems that govern our lives in North America, where hidden levers are pulled, backs are scratched in the shadows and the seemingly unconnected gears of everyday powerbrokers combine into a massive jigsaw puzzle, revealing themselves to be part of the juggernaut machinery pushing towards a consolidation of World Power.

This film examines the many aspects of our Authoritative Systems that we take for granted in our everyday lives. From Currency Printing and The Origins of our Money, to How the Media Works and Compartmentalization of Information, this film connects the dots between seemingly unconnected dynamics of our System.

Find out who YOU really are, Legally and Lawfully -Discover the difference between the Sovereign Human and the Legal Person. Empower yourself with important sources of key information, from Books to other Mind-Blowing Documentaries that will change the way you look at the world, and inspire you to do something important that makes a difference!

If you are the type of person who likes to Ask Questions and Demand Answers from the people that Claim Power over you, then you'll want to know what this film has to offer! Who really benefited from the 9/11 Attacks? What of the plight facing dying rescue workers who are now ill, lied to by the authorities, people once hailed as heroes now shunned as lunatics or unpatriotic? Could it be that this valuable information is kept from the public because it is simply too profitable to the controlling interest of people and companies who work so hard to hide, distort or obfuscate the truth?

An important part of The Cause of Effect : Hijacking Humanity, Chapter 2 of the series, titled, "It's a Rich Man's World.. Government?" presents evidence about the North American Union, as well as a brief history on Currency and the Banking Banksters who control our money today. Writer/Director Paul Verge relays his personal story about coming to terms with the grand deception of society's System. His journey travelling across Canada and the United States reveals insights rarely heard in today's mass media, because it is simply too profitable to keep this information secret.

The Banking cartels today seem to be trying to centralize their power to lead us towards a World Currency that has no intrinsic value, and will be controlled by a World Dictatorship. In order to further this goal, a step at a time, the Banksters, with their IMF, World Bank and Federal Reserve System operating in conjunction with members of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group are taking the United States into a financial nosedive, purposely, to devalue the currency, and thus introduce the Amero - A North American Currency for a North American Union. Do you think Canada, the US and Mexico should have a HARM-onization of laws, rules and regulations? Me neither

The most interesting and information laden chapter of The Cause of Effect : Hijacking Humanity, Chapter 3 of the series, titled simply, "Commerce & Law" presents an alternative take on how our Law System works, especially in relation to money, as well as examining the concepts of Law of the Land (Common Law) and Law of the Water (Admiralty Law) and which is used to govern us today. Writer/Director Paul Verge relays his personal story about coming to terms with the grand deception of society's System. His journey travelling across Canada and the United States reveals insights rarely heard in today's mass media, because it is simply too profitable to keep this information secret.

The legal system in its current state has existed for only a short time, but it is acting as a noose, slowly closing around our freedoms as we are fed the illusion that our fundamental human rights are evaporating. Learning your rights, the difference between a human and a Person (Legal Person vs. Natural Person), as well as the true origins and purpose of your Birth Certificate, Social Insurance/Social Security Number, and even what it really means to be an Employee, a Driver or a Taxpayer.

Most Politicians were usually Lawyers (Liars?), and thus, is it not possible that these Lawyer Politicians with their foreign Legalese Language could not form their words to create invisible yokes around the people that serve the very originators of these excessive laws, restrictions and taxes? Why do we pay an income tax? Could it be that our Legal Status as a Federal Citizen is legally defined as that of a Government Employee, all of whom ARE in fact liable for income tax?

Divergentfilms and CraigBrockie.com bring you the 4th Chapter in the Cause of Effect series, "Hijacking Humanity Final Cut" Chapter 4 - 911 Conspiracy and The Push Towards Final Global Consolidation. The Elites are making their last big push to fulfill their 150+ years-old plan to dominate and enslave the human race under their System of Global Governance, ruling through Law, Commerce, Currency, and Media Manipulation. All of these aspects came together for the Trigger Event, which was the 911 Attacks. As we see different mechanisms of the Elitest Game come to fruition, we realize more and more that this new era's rules are ultimately based on the Lie that is the Official Story of 911.

Don't believe us, research the truth for yourself, but remember, Cui Bono? Who benefactor of the attacks? Certainly no Muslim killed since the War of Terror has begun, has ever gained anything. If a government wanted further repressive laws against the people, and further control over the people, then there is a strong argument that they would benefit greatly from those attacks, by being able to claim new powers necessary to "protect the people". For other info on 9/11, please watch Loose Change Final Cut, 9/11 Mysteries, and many many others that cover a whole plethora of evidence that works to unravel the official story.

Parts 2, 3 & 4 below!


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