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Mae Brussell
Santa Cruz Lecture (1987)

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Mae Brussell in Santa Cruz

Mae Brussell may be the person Poppy Bush invented the pejorative "conspiracy theorist." She began keeping tabs on the suspected JFK assassination conspirators and found to her amazement that the same cast of characters keeps showing up behind the scenes of every major history changing event.

Mae takes the audience beyond the grassy knoll, to RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Watergate, and Iran-Contra. She discovered that there is a wealth of information in the back pages of the newspapers, if you know what to look for. And if you string all of the verifiable (not theoretical) information together you find a highly organized, clandestine dope and gun running organization, fascist in ideology, that operates under the mandate that the ends justify the means. No theory here, folks. Just the facts!

Her research has been the inspriation for a whole generation of "Brussell Sprouts" who have carried on, and advanced the work she started. We all owe her a huge debt! And the only way to pay it back is to share her work with others!


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