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The Truth About
Medical Marijuana

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The Truth About Medical Marijuana

A panel of legal and medical experts join author Ed Rosenthal in a discussion on the impact of state laws allowing medical marijuana versus federal efforts to override all decriminalization statutes in this forum sponsored by the Independent Institute, Harper's Magazine and the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. Series: "Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley" [3/2004] [Public Affairs] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 8463]

"Ask Ed" discusses 9th and 10th Ammendments. This topic is rarely breached. If the War on Drugs is not a violation of these Ammendments, then what is? They were written for a reason and are arguably the most powerful weakeners of central government tyranny. By regarding them as relics, we opened the door to allowing the federal government unwarranted police state powers.

Ever ask yourself why alcohol required its own Ammendment to be passed in order for its Prohibition to become law? Because prohibition of anything like alcohol and drugs, without such an Ammendment, is strictly unconstitutional. Everyone working for the DEA is committing treason! Everyone in the government involved in the dope trade is committing treason. Anyone not doing all they can to end the War on Drugs is either evil or stupid. Time is running out.

Dope money in the stock market has turned the financial system on its heels with all the experts scratching their heads saying they can't fugure out exactly what happened. What happened is what we at SWR have been predicting for literally decades. All that time the biggest sources of new investment funds have been people's retirement portfolios, and laundered dope money. How could we possibly not be in the mess we are in? The people who manage your money market accounts are the same people who sell heroin to your kids! Whose money do you expect them to protect? Whose money would you expect them to rip off?

If this situation is not corrected by the people immediately, our money will become worthless. The financial house of cards means that for decades manipulations have been employed to maintain the value of the dollar. When it collapses, hyperinflation will kick in and it will take a wheelbarrow of cash to buy a loaf of bread. By legalizing hemp alone, and using it for fuel, we can end our dependence on foreign energy. After Nixon took us off the gold standard, the dollar's value was based largely on the price of oil. Some have called it the oil standard. All oil sales in the world until recently have been strictly tendered with US dollars. It is time to take us off the foreign oil yoke around our money and back it with domestic hemp!!! Why let the dopelords grow money like weeds when we can do it ourselves!???

We can meet all our domestic energy needs with biofuel from hemp. It grows faster and easier than any other viable plant known to mankind. That means we will have a positive trade balance and our dollar will restabillize. America can become prosperous again! All you have to do is unlearn all the lies the dopelords have told you through their mouthpieces like the so-called Drug Czar! We don't need no Czars in America! We can have peace and prosperity if we end the War on Drugs!!!! Otherwise we are headed for complete and utter economic and huminitarian disaster.



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