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Niels Harrit on Russia Today
July 9, 2009

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Niels Harrit on Russia Today July 9, 2009

Niels Harrit on Russia Today. July 9, 2009. Could the most audacious terrorist attack in history be a sophisticated masterpiece of demolition? Are Chenney, Bush, Obama, et al traitors? If it walks like a duck...! Sometimes crimes are so terrible and perpetrated by such popular people, that it absolutely defies belief. But with trillions in profit at stake, and criminal investigations pointing to Bush & Co for dope dealing, brewing in WTC7, not to mention Enron, and a chance to get rid of the Constitution altogether, even the most respectable seeming people are capable of the most heinous atrocities. Don't forget that Israel wrote neocon PNAC "Rebuilding America's Defenses," literally inviting Israel to plant the explosives! Israel was the big winner on 9-11. HOW CONVENIENT!

Now America is busy going bankrupt and becoming a police state, to carry out Israels foreign policy of total domination of Middle East. Once we have been exhausted like USSR was in Afghanistan, Isreal will be able to move in and take it all for free! It is the Zionist bankers who reap the benefit of the bulk of the money laundering business. Heroin, child slavery, illegal weapons. That's where the action is! A trillion here, a trillion there. Pretty soon it adds up to REAL MONEY! Enough to buy off Congress 1000 times over EVERY YEAR!

The presence of nano-thermite in WTC dust blows the lid off the official conspiracy theory! Deal with it! Once you know the truth there is no going back, if you want to go on considering yourself a decent human being. You can dowload this video here.



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