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The Dossier - Shadow Secrets (2008)

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The Dossier - Shadow Secrets (2008)

Compiled, edited and produced by TheDossier.ukonline.co.uk, this new film looks at the origins and history of the Afghan Mujahedin & al-Qaeda and their associations with various intelligence agencies including the CIA, FBI, MI6 and those of Saudi Arabia & Pakistan. "9/11 was not an intelligence failure; 9/11 was an intelligence success - it was supposed to happen. The US govt could have prevented the attacks, but instead, held the door open and allowed them to happen"

Keep in mind that, although not brought home in this flick, heroin is the big motivator and corruptor behind the scenes. There are several trillion dollars of oil in Caspian Sea region. That much is easily made every 10 years on the heroin trade! We have already spent more, supposedly attempting to secure the oil, than the oil is worth! The sway heroin creates on the planet is a much bigger, more important matter. All thanks to fundamentalists!

The so-called Christian fundos in US perpetuate the War on Drugs, which is really a govt enforced monopoly that sells heroin to children, and subverts Congress, etc. The so-called Islamic fundos perpetuate 'terrorism' in order to keep US military close to the poppy fields. The Taliban proved in 2001 that the entire Afghan opium crop can be eradicated in a few weeks, without aerial spraying or a huge budget.

The real US policy is as obvious as all the poppies growing all over the place! We could buy all the opium Afghans could produce at the $50/kilo they get for it, and burn it on site, and it would cost less than US govt pays for those stupid anti-drug ads on TV! There is no legitimate excuse for US govt allowing 1000 tons of heroin to hit the black market from Afghanistan every year! Obama is selling heroin to kids, and is guilty of treason.



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