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Rachel: An American Conscience

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Rachel: An American Conscience

Rachel: An American Conscience by Yahya Barakat.

From the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: Yahya Barakat, who teaches at Al-Quds University, told The Washington Report that he began work on the documentary the instant he learned that Corrie had been crushed to death by an Israeli-driven Caterpillar bulldozer.

This documentary offers rare footage of Rachel talking to a camera and describing Israeli human rights violations against a Palestinian civilian population. The film opens with grim images of dinosaur-like Caterpillar bulldozers turning urban Rafah into a garbage pile of destroyed buildings. It continues with interviews of Rachel's fellow International Solidarity Movement volunteers, and concludes with comments from her parents.

Learn more about Rachel Corrie life and activities http://www.rachelcorrie.org/ There is a play of her life, which has been censored in the 'free world'. http://www.rachelswords.org

Editor's Note:
If you still hold romantic notions about Israel and the so-called "halocaust," get over it. Israel and Zionism are every bit as evil the Nazis. They use a superstitious belief that their god has given a bunch of sociopaths from eastern Europe title to all of the oil in the Middle East. By their own admission, the halocaust never happened. Even if it did, does that not mean homosexuals and drug addicts are also entitled to compensation?

Israel has more than squandered any moral high ground even as it has occupied the hilltops of Palestine. Its leaders are capable of all manner of mayhem and crime against humanity. They have been repatedly caught perpetrating acts of espionage and war against the United States. Israel was founded on deceit and blatant, cruel false-flag terrorism. No religious people could ever conduct themselves this way.

Unless America wakes up and shakes off the parasite, every taxpayer in the country is collectively guilty. We can no longer afford the luxury of being party to exactly the same atrocities the Israelis have made the Nazis notorious for. When you learn the history, you discover that the Zionists were in lockstep with nazi-like racial supremacism. The Zionists collaborated with Hitler and are now more powerul than Hitler ever was.

Rather than doing the Christian thing and share the prosperity America has given them, to promote tolerant peaceful coexistance, Israel has chosen to make war on its own indigenous people, including true semitic Jews and Christians who lived there since day one in relative harmony with followers of The Prophet.

You can argue about who owns TV, but if you watch it and get you view of the world from it, then you are probably as misled about what is happening in Palestine as I was. I wanted to believe the fairy tale that Jews are God's chosen people. Well, everybody is God's chosen people, or nobody is. This neanderthal tribalistic ethnocentric racial bigotry is no longer tolerated in anyone except the Ashkanazis. They only get away with it because American TV lets them. So why is that? Why isn't the media promoting the international anti-aparteid boycott on Israel like they did on South Africa? The Israelis are 1000 times more brutal and viciously hateful toward anyone who is not Ashkanazi than South Africans ever were towards indigenous people. Even more genocidal than what settlers did to Native Americans.

This documentary will give you a glimpse of the criminal nature of the Israeli government. It does not even try to indict them. It seems the IDF can't help but be its own biggest embareassment. Unfortunately people continue to be massacred and US continues to borrow money to pay Israel. When you look at why you find out that it is pay-off money lavished by a debauched Congress eager not to have evisence of its perversions made public.

Nobody can save us now but YOU! Nothing can save you now but the truth. Truth means nothing is knowledge of injustice does not prompt you to action. The same interests that own the Federal Reserve, and sell dope to your kids, also run Israel. There is absolutely nothing holy about it.


4 minute interview with Rachel Corrie

3 min. Video Israel Doesn't Want You to See

Rachel Corrie- 5th Grade Speech-
"I'm here because I care"


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