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The human cost
of animal experiments

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Bad medicine 1/5 - The human cost of animal experiments

Bad Medicine is the first UK produced film exposing the true human cost of animal experimentation. Although many people believe that vivisection is a 'necessary evil', essential to the well-being of themselves and their loved ones, the reverse is actually the case; that basing human medicine on the false methodology of animal experimentation is a major cause of untold human suffering and death.

This is the film that the BBC would show you if it were not bed-fellows with the vivisection industry itself, and this film was made in order to go some way to redressing the torrent of pro-vivisection propaganda which has poured forth from the vivisection syndicate and the industry-beholden media - the BBC in particular - over the past several decades Though to informed people this situation is understandable, a much more worrying fact is that this is the sort of film that should have been made, and widely distributed, many years ago by the wealthy 'anti-vivisection' organisations in the UK, but has instead been left to a small, under-funded group. This speaks volumes.

Bad Medicine exposes: The devastating toll in human lives because of animal 'safety-tested' drugs. The basic scientific reasons why animal research cannot help people How human health is declining despite the billions spent on animal research How the cancer industry is not interested in genuine cancer treatments. The real reasons for the decline of the infectious diseases. That vivisection continues because of the vast amount of money at stake How the media and politicians both benefit from vivisection's continuation How many within the medical profession are opposed to vivisection Why animal testing is used as a scapegoat when drugs kill or injure How vivisection is the cause of an out-of-control 'health-care' expenditure Why vivisection is responsible for the poisoning of our air, food and water That vivisection has never been shown to be relevant to human beings.

Bad Medicine (DVD only) is 45 minutes long, and contains interviews with: Mat Fraser, actor Dr Monheim Fadali Dr Tony Page, author of Vivisection Unveiled Pat Rattigan, BAVA director and naturopath The BAVA is making the film available at a reasonable cost in the hope that this will encourage people to purchase the film.

How you can help: Show the film to others. Purchase a copy of the film in order to learn more about the vivisection issue yourself, if you are already not informed as to the true extent of how animal experimentation causes untold suffering to people and animals alike. Lend or show it to your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, or to anyone whom you think will watch it, or purchase copies for them - a discount is available for quantities of 10 copies or more purchased.

Stress that it is very much in their interest to learn all they can about this issue, and that it is not simply an animal issue, but very much one of human health. Put on screenings of the film anywhere you are able to get a group of people together. Promote the film. Leaflets and posters are available from the BAVA at cost price. Please purchase for distribution and display wherever you are legally allowed to. Samples can also be downloaded from our web site - see below. If you have a website please put a link on it to this page; you can use the banners below if you would like. Please help us promote the film by making a donation. We want to get the information contained in Bad Medicine to as many people as possible, and there is unfortunately no getting away from the fact that this will require money for leaflet and poster printing, and distribution, magazine and newspaper advertising, film screenings, and in any other way we feel we may be able to promote the film and get its message to many more people.



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