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The Primacy of Consciousness
A presentation by Peter Russell

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The Primacy of Consciousness - Peter Russell

"Presentation given at "Physics of Consciousness" conference, Virginia, 2004, in which Peter Russell explores the mystery of consciousness from both scientific and mystical perspectives, showing how light is intrinsic to both, and giving a coherent argument as to why consciousness is fundamental essence of the cosmos. (Includes beautiful graphics and images.)"

If time and space don't really exist, and the world is only an illusion in your head, then nothing matters, and civilization is in jeopardy of crumbling. But consciousness matters. We are consciousness. The world is consciousness manifesting. God is absolute consciousness. So everything matters! This talk, although fairly comprehensive, makes me suspect that Russell is related to the Skull and Bones Russells and either has not discovered love, or he doesn't want you to.

After you see the presentation, ask yourself whether he is pandering to an elitist audience, promotiong unrestrained ego, or personal responsibility? Is he saying that life and civilization matter, or is he suggesting in an ever so subtle way that debauchery and death are no big deal? I think he did a great disservice by not pointing out that the true nature of consciousness is love. Consciousness is the ability to act contrary to immediate personal self-interest in order to improve God's experience in others.

If there is a new world religion being rolled out for the new world (free market, enslaved people) globalism, it is designed to allow people to live with themselves while 90% of the population around them gets exterminated. If there is a real religion, I would argue it has more to do with adopting humane sustainability technology (permaculture, biofuel, yoga, etc.), decentralizating power and wealth, and leveling off at the highest possible number of people, with the greatest amount of freedom and the most widespread enjoyment of abundance and prosperity possible.

If the red-shift theory is flawed, everything may be closer than we have been told. And if electromagnetic forces really are stronger in "empty" space than gravity, then interstellar, even intergalactic travel may not be as impossible as we have been led to believe. Our existence may not be limited to the lifespan of the sun after all. I don't think consciousness would have it any other way. Maybe those who can't see this are zombies!



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