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Dope Sick Love

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Dope Sick Love

from youtube poster:
"Dope Sick Love" is a really remarkable documentary made for HBO about two pairs of heroin addicted lovers roaming the streets of NYC. I managed to catch it one night by accident and found it absolutely mesmerizing. There is no narration and we never see any interviews with the subjects, the camera just follows them around, like a third eye, completely detached. The people being followed don't even seem aware that they're being filmed! (or, at least, they don't seem to care). The footage is amazingly candid. Some of the most candid I've ever seen.

This is as real as it gets. The nuts and bolts of what its like to be on the street and addicted to heroin. We watch them score dope, shoot it, make up, hustle, and even impersonate cops to rob people, and about a million other tiny details that less observant documentary filmmakers would leave out.

Some of the footage is truly horrifying. Like watching one guy frantically searching for fix he lost. I found myself praying that he would find it, just so that his misery would temporarily end. And when he does find it, the guy literally dances in the street.

The cyclical nature of drug addiction becomes very apparent while watching this. EVERYTHING is about getting the next score to these folks, yet the next score seems to be well worth the immense trouble they go through.

You can maybe catch it on HBO.


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Prohibition kills! If heroin was legal would you use it? Legalization actually makes it harder for kids to get dope. Therefore legalization reduces addiction rates. Prohibition increases prohibition rates! It is obvious that these addicts' lives would be a lot saner and healthier if black market prices didn't drive their criminal lifestyle. Therefore our lives would be better too, because crime rates would plummet!

The only people who benefit from prohibition are the big criminals who make the big money off it. So, are you evil, stupid or doing everything you can legalize drugs? This War on Drugs is the root cause of all our current economic woes! If the WoD doesn't end soon, our form of government will change into a irrevocable dictatorship within a generation. ...How does one relay this fact without sounding hyperbolic? Why are people still sleeping? Is TV more addicting than crack?

It is the 'artificial scarcity' of drugs (prohibition, high price, low quality control) that causes the insane behavior, not the drugs themselves.

Every year the dope money lords steal the equivalent of 10 Fortune 500 companies from people's retirement savings. 50 years later (NOW!) we're completely screwed, folks, unless we recognize the cause of our problem, and act seriously and tirelessly to solve it. This generation will decide what the world will be like for the next 1000 years! Your 'fundamentalist' Christians (and 'Islamists) are dupes and cutouts for the military industrial dope prison media complex. They want hell on earth forever for a limited and enslaved population. (While they enjoy unimagined opulence.) That is what they are consciously and intentionally bringing about. Power corrupts. Rust never sleeps, only we the people do that.

The previous generations (your parents and grandparents) spent all of America's wealth on drugs and the War on Drugs. It has caused the greatest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the superwealthy in all of history. That property is subject to confication. Demand it, or your children will end up slaves in the country our forefathers fought and died to give us. (Google "The Constitution" if it's still there.)


More info:

Peter Dale Scott:

US National Security and a Heroin-Ravaged State

The US State Department calls Afghanistan a failed state that justifies US intervention, rather than acknowledging that US intervention has caused that so-called failure. And among all the triggers to that failure from US support of the Mujahedin and Al Quaeda to the war lords one element is not recognized in it’s real importance: the role of the trade in opium.

Peter Dale Scott, author of “Drugs Oil, and War” and “Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America” is one of the most respected researchers on the use of drugs in the strategies of the CIA and in US foreign policy. http://www.peterdalescott.net/. He says that the unprecedented increase in Afghani opium production in the last 5 years could never have happened without outside support.

While Afghanistan is being ravaged by heroin and many farmers are forced to grow for very little profit the real gains of drug production are made by large political players and on the international market. Even though Afghanistan now supplies over 90% of the world’s heroin, the Afghan portion of the global heroin network, in dollar terms, is financially minute compared to what is earned elsewhere. According to the UN, the ultimate value in world markets in 2007 of Afghanistan’s $4 billion opium crop was about $110 billion.

This talk by Professor Scott is putting names and faces on the beneficiaries of that drug trade.

Peter Dale Scott was recoded in the mountains of Northern California at a small gathering of friends and neighbors. He has since expanded this speech and the longer text with footnotes is posted at http://www.japanfocus.org/-Peter_Dale-Scott/3145.

For a broadcast quality mp3 version of Part ONE of this program click HERE
For a broadcast quality mp3 version of Part TWO of this program click HERE

Source page: TUC Radio.


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