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The Power of Nightmares Part 2
The Phantom Victory
- by Adam Curtis

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The Power of Nightmares Part 2
The Phantom Victory
- by Adam Curtis

This originally aired on the BBC in 2004.

Available for download at archive.org

From BBC site [edited]:
The Power of Nightmares: The Phantom Victory The Power of Nightmares continues its assessment of whether the threat from a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion. Part two, the Phantom Victory looks at how two groups, radical Islamists and neo-conservatives with seemingly opposing ideologies came together to defeat a common enemy [freedom].

On 25 December 1979, Soviet forces invaded Afghanistan. [After intentional goading by heroin trifficer Zbignew Brzezinski, and the CIA. They needed a new place to grow heroin after USSR kicked them out of Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia.]

Moscow was able to install a friendly government in a neighbouring country but at a price.

The invasion gave a common cause to an extraordinary alliance of radical Islamists in Afghanistan and around the world and to the neo-conservatives in the US. [Heroin.]

It was a key battleground of the Cold War.

Washington provided money and arms including even Stinger missiles capable of shooting down Soviet helicopters. [The freedom fighters / terrorists supplied the heroin.]

But it was Islamic Mujahideen fighters who would fire them. [And Goldman Sachs, et. al. who pocketed all the dope money.]

Among the many foreigners drawn to Afghanistan was a young, wealthy Saudi [heroin addict] called Osama Bin Laden. [A close personal friend of the Bush family and Saudi 'royalty'.]

# Part II: The Phantom Victory
# Wednesday, 19 January, 2005
# 2320 GMT on BBC Two
Long before 9/11, he would have been seen by neo-conservatives in Washington as one of their foot soldiers, helping fight America's cause.

After nearly 10 years of fighting, Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan.

Both the neo-conservatives and the Islamists believed that it is they who defeated the "evil empire" and now had the power to transform the world.

But both failed in their revolutions. [Neocons got laughed out of Congress and referred to as 'crazies'. So they retalliated with zionist Lewinski.]

In response, the neo-conservatives invented a new fantasy enemy, [heroin and cocaine co-conspirator] Bill Clinton, focusing on the [contrived] scandal surrounding him and Monica Lewinsky.

Meanwhile, the Islamists descend into a desperate cycle of violence and terror to try to persuade the people to follow them. [Or was it typical gangland violence over the dope trade?]

Out of all this comes the seeds of the strange world of fantasy, deception, violence and fear in which we now live. ['Al Capone' took over the White House! The reason no one can quite figure out how and why we are facing global economic collapse is because no one is factoring in the effects of a trillion dollars of black funds each year used systematically to bring about total global economic collapse.]

The Power of Nightmares will be broadcast over three nights from Tuesday 18 to Thursday, 20 January, 2005 at 2320 GMT on BBC Two. The final part has been updated in the wake of the Law Lords ruling in December that detaining foreign terrorist suspects without trial was illegal.


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