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The Power of Nightmares, Part 1
Baby it's Cold Outside

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The Power of Nightmares, (Part 1/3)
Baby it's Cold Outside

Adam Curtis is at it again, trying to convince us that we should fear the bogie man, and it is us! It isn't so much a matter of failure of government to fulfill its promises, let alone duties, or our inability to elect the right people that is killing us. It is the inability of the media to report faithfully without tainting the story with corporate sponsor inspired psycho-terrorism.

It is not the masses who must be led (around by the nose), but rather the elite who must be reigned in and ruled by the same laws inflicted upon everyone else. As long as the elite has national security immunity allowing it to sell heroin, cocaine, speed, and guns to children, and launder their money on Wall St., things will continue to deteriorate. As good as this video series is, having many useful factoids, it is important to see that the underlying purpose of the program is to get you to believe we need a police state and extreme depopulation of the planet. That our standard of living is scheduled to keep on deteriorating results not from too many people and to little resources, but too much corruption and too much deliberate government disinformation. Things will not get better until we take the dope peddlers out of the boardrooms.

Notice how Kissinger is proposed as the enemy of the neocons. In actuality they both represent different false facades invented to hide their dope dealing. Both offer foreign policy that assures the military industries will get the lion's share of the gross national product. Not to mention assert control of the dope growing regions of the world.

The reason liberal policies 'failed' is because the War on Drugs systematically robbed us of our rights, and our wealth. Even if it was necessary for spies to sell dope to fight evil in the world, once that option is taken it becomes the primary concern and motivation of all policy. The so-called policies of both Kissinger and the neocons are just decoration to make dope running seem like it has some sort of quasi-legitimate political agenda that justifies their existance.

As long as it involves support for Israel and the government buying more guns, political support for the dope runners has been assured. The only reason these people have any credibility in our minds is that their friends and employers own the media. After half a century of trillion dollar black fund raising, the dope people own just about everything they want to own on Wall St.

The real reason Wolfowitz wanted into the CIA was so that Israel could control the global dope trade. Duh! It is folly to suggest that the neocons have a different agenda than Kissinger. Follow the dope money, stupid! Both of these supposed 'factions' talk favorably of new world order that amounts to global police state sweatshop. We, the people, are not the problem, but the solution. That is what they do not want you to know. They are the problem. If the world can no longer afford anything it is the exhorbant excesses of an unchecked global trillionaire corporatist dopelord elite.

It is clear that the 9-11 attacks catapulted the popularity f the neocons, and by blaming bin Laden, the neocons made him a superhero to 'Islamists.' Two supposed mortal enemies, both claiming morality, both fostering each others power. It seems like a comedy of errors until to factor in the fact that both terrorist groups, Oil CIAduh, and the neocons, are two facades of the same dope operation, for which Zionist bankers launder all the money!

I know it all sounds quite fantastic, but the facts to support it are all there. You only have to look at them and think for yourself. So far TV and big media have purposely failed to connect these dots for you, for 50 years! They report the facts, but steer you away from cogent analysis with a thousand unimportant and irrelavent distractions. In the twisted logic of the Intelligence community, secrets must be kept from the enemy. That means secrets must be kept from the citizenry. This is an affront to the 1st Ammendment!

In order to keep secrets lies must be told and well informed enlightened self interest becomes impossible. Therefore even though they keep secrets, they expect you to know them in order to carry out your duty as an informed populace. You have an obligation to know the truth and think for yourself, therefore you can be blamed when Intelligence goes off the reservation and commits all manner of atrocities, supposedly on your behalf.

They say they do it for you, but they do it for dope money. They do it to systematically usher in the same evil they purport to be protecting us from: totalitarianism. Police state. Fascism, Communism, religious fundamentalism. They are all faces of the same concerted dope dealing prohibitionist elitist evil.


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