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Rodney Stich

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Rodney Stich

Ex-investigator of the Federal Aviation Administration, will share how the U.S. Government facilitated the September 11th terrorist attacks and how the CIA has been importing Heroin and Cocaine for decades in the U.S.!

Talk held by Freedom Law School.

Drugging America

Drugging America Government whistle-blower Rodney Stich has made part of his opus magnum "Defrauding America" available online as: "Drugging America" [PDF]

Defrauding America:
Trojan Horse Corruption 4th ed. Vol. One & Two.
By Rodney Stich.
ISBN: 0-932438-18-0 Vol. One.
ISBN: 0-932438-19-9 Vol. Two

Information described in Defrauding America, as discovered by government and other insiders, include such matters as: The secret funding by the CIA of bank accounts for several well-known politicians.*


Also see:
Defrauding America: History of Corruption
"This site contains evidence of complex granddaddies of all scandal and resulting catastrophic consequences affecting the American people and national security. This is not a conspiracy site. It is a possibly futile effort by a group of former government agents and insiders to circumvent the endemic corruption, endemic cover-ups, provide the evidence to a public, and attempt to show them how they have been preyed upon for years."

Drugging America
"Truth About The Corrupt War on Drugs" "The so-called war-on-drugs is one of many scams inflicted upon the American public that is illiterate about these matters for various reasons. This site and related sites provides insider information for those who will exercise a little energy to absorb the explosive material.

"Several dozen present and former government agents and operatives, and former drug traffickers, provide the activist against corruption in government, Rodney Stich, also a former federal investigator, with thousands of hours of secret insider information, thousands of documents, and other data during the past 20+ years, revealing the government's arrogant and sham war-on-drugs. Their information can provide you with case studies and evidence revealing a spreading cancer of corruption within the three branches of the federal government.

"It is important to realize that the corruption in key government offices and the tragic effects upon the American public goes far beyond the area of drugs. For a fuller understanding of this complex scenario, read and understand the contents in the books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich in collaboration with dozens of other former government agents and insiders, including the classic, Defrauding America and Drugging America. Understand how this misconduct by people in control of key government offices have caused or made possible great harm upon the people in many areas, often on sham or greatly exaggerated drug charges, or upon being set up, or through the use of perjury and bought testimony.

"The value of this site is that it provides accurate factual information on the intrigue and corruption in overt and covert government operations, explains why the people do not know about these matters, how the American public (and others) have suffered and continue to suffer the consequences...."


Rodney Stich: Background
"Rodney Stich has spent over 50 years in aviation. He started as a navy pilot and instructor in World War II. After the war, he became an airline pilot flying in domestic and international operations. In the 1960s he was an inspector and investigator for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), during which time he was responsible for air safety at several major airlines. These duties included conducting flight checks of airline pilots, issuing government ratings so they could fly that particular aircraft, checking for safety problems, making safety recommendations, and anything else involving air safety.

The experiences and knowledge that he acquired in the aviation area broadened to include other government agencies and branches of government, expanding what he learned as an insider to areas in which most of the public is totally uninformed.

As an FAA inspector he witnessed a major air disaster in his area of safety responsibilities an average of one major air disaster every six months, showing the consequences of the air safety misconduct that he and other inspectors sought to report and correct.

In attempting to report and correct these accident-causing problems, he came up against big government, and fought it head-on. This led to discovery of even more misconduct, not only in the areas relating to airline crashes, but in other areas, such as misconduct by people in control of the CIA, Justice Department, and other federal agencies and branches of government.

His aggressiveness in fighting government misconduct brought him into other areas of government corruption. He became friends with, and acquired as confidants during the past ten years, a large number of former CIA and other deep-cover operatives who provided him with information and documents about government misconduct that enlarged upon what he had already discovered as a federal and then a private investigator....."


A Letter from the Author, Rodney Stich
1. Become informed of the hard core criminal activities involving government personnel. This requires reading documented and detailed books that focus on criminal activities. Books that simply make statements without supporting data are weak for accomplishing this. The following books are excellent starters:
* Defrauding America, written by an insider, with the help of numerous deep-cover CIA and other government personnel. It addresses a broad band of ongoing criminal activities in government, and helps the reader to understand immensity of the criminal subversive acts being perpetrated against them. The full spectrum of corruption in all three branches of government detailed in this book make it a "must read".
* Compromised, writtem by a former CIA asset, focuses on drug activities in Arkansas involving key government personnel.
* The Politics of Heroin, written by a college professor who spent years in the field investigating the CIA role in drug trafficking.
* Clinton Chronicles book. This covers a relatively small area, but an area that is much in the news.

2. Publicize the books and the information. This should include repeated phone calls to every talk show possible; letters to talk shows, including network shows; making people aware of the books and encouraging them to read them. Make speeches whenever possible on the contents of these books. Distribute literature on the books to people who can be expected to respond.

3. Don't mix information on hard-core criminal activities in government with subjective or discretionary issues, or far-out theories. If the person you are talking to does not agree with your comments on these matters, they will probably dismiss what you say about hard-core criminal activities in government, as well. Let's keep these issues separate.


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