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Dan Hopsicker from Mad Cow Productions presents
Masters Of The Universe

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Masters Of The Universe

VENICE FLORIDA 01/27/09 -- Web writer John Patten brings Dan Hopsicker's book, Welcome To Terrorland, to the attention of city council. Mohamed Atta trained to fly at the Venice Airport, which was chronicled by Hopsicker. More on point, though, is the airport's long history as a major base for drug trafficking, which Hopsicker also chronicled. A new book by David Ray Griffin vindicates Hopsicker, stating that Hopsicker's story has been right all along.

In this video, Mr. Hopsicker explores those at the top of the dope money pyramid. Guess what, they are the same folks who are at the top of the banking pyramid! We don't know this because they also own the media. Not to mention all the private prisons we stick the people they sell the dope to, in. And the security companies who we need to protect us from people desperate to get cash to pay the exhorbitant black market dope prices. Oh, and the insurance companies that we need to recoup what desperate addicts steal from us.

When you understand that the most prestegious people on the planet are the same people selling dope to kids, it makes it easier to see why they want to chip everyone, and get rid of the bill of rights. If they don't manage to completely enslave us, we might rise up, bring them to justice, end prohibition, and abolish state secrecy.

The only people who need chipping and 24/7 surveilance are those we elect, and those they award the trillions in contracts to. Pass it on!



Daniel Hopsicker, Keene, NH - 5/17/08

Investigative Journalist Daniel Hopsicker speaks at the New England 9/11 Symposium in Keene, New Hampshire - May 17, 2008.


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