Dealing with the Demon

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Dealing with the Demon
Directed by Chris Hilton and David Roberts

After 75 years of a concerted global fight to restrict the supply of addictive drugs, the world is currently facing unprecedented levels of illicit drug production, with ten times more heroin produced now than during the last "plague" of the 1970s. Dealing with the Demon examines how we find ourselves in this situation, despite the massive international war on drugs. And, what can possibly be done about it?

It should be noted that opium production in Afghanistan has increased five-fold since 9-11. From under 2000 tons to over 9000. This glut ha forced Obama to transfer troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. Production will be reduced to maximize profits and cut out the competition. You just watch!

It should also be noted that it isn't war that propels the drug trade. Wars are staged on order to fascilitate the drug trade. S&B is the dope business. They created the CIA. Not the other way around! This perspective still evades most researchers. But it is borne out by the facts. Skull and Bones. Look it up!


FOX-TV clip on S&B.


The Opium Origins of Skull & Bones
Kris Millegan at Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam

Kris Millegan fleshes out S&B. part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


The Politics of Heroin
An Interview with Alfred McCoy On CIA Complicity in Global Drug Trade
By Derrick Jensen


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