American Drug War
The Last White Hope

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American Drug War the Last White Hope

While Tulia with Halle Berry and Billy Bob is still in pre-production, this documentary serves as an excellent report on the drug war in the United States and has devoted a significant amount of its time to the incident that occurred in that town, with a great interview with Amarillo attorney Jeff Blackburn, who led the fight to free the Tulia 46.

It is so much more than that, as it gives a history of the CIA involvement in the crack epidemic in the US, and also presents facts that will leave no doubt that the government used drugs to finance the illegal war against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, but they continue to use them to suppress people of color in this country. It is also clear that the ban on medical uses of marijuana is a conspiracy to benefit the pharmaceutical industry.

One things that was presented that is of considerable interest is that the drug war is unwinable due to the fact that once you ban certain drugs, people will develop new ones to satisfy their need. Just as bathtub gin was created during prohibition, crystal meth and newer drugs have been developed in this country in response to the decreased drugs coming from Mexico.

Those opposed to decriminalization of drugs would do well to realize that 700,000 people die every year from alcohol (not counting traffic deaths), tobacco, and legal pharmaceuticals, while only 10,000 die from drug use, and no death has every been reported from marijuana. Do you know where 85% of the heroin distributed throughout the world comes from. The answer may surprise you, but not shock you after seeing this film.


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