The Truth About Female Desire

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The Truth About Female Desire (BBC)

A four part UK television series broadcast in 2005 which was a collaboration between the respected sex research centre The Kinsey Institute, London's Brunel University and Channel 4." In a major science event led by John Bancroft, six single girls share a dormitory at Brunel University, London, where scientists from the Kinsey Institute perform sexual experiments on them to determine the true nature of female desire.

It's now 100 years since Freud first speculated about female sexuality but with the new technology available today we are closer to working out what makes female sexuality so mysterious. Over the course of a week, a group of real life Carrie Bradshaws, Samanthas, Charlottes and Mirandas will have the adventure of a lifetime as they take part in a series of cutting edge experiments to work out what makes their libidos tick.

Fact will be separated from fiction as the scientists discover whether there is really a g-spot, why women are attracted to certain men, whether it is possible to tell whether a man is going to be good in bed and what the real turn ons and turn off are from a female perspective. The four episodes include: "The BIG O, SEX DRIVE, EVOLUTION, HOW WE WORK."

Part Three:

Part Four:


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