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Afghanistan's Opium Trail

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Afghanistan's Opium Trail

A look at the drug trade in Afghanistan. Afghani farmers get $50 per kilo for opium. That translates to $500 per kilo of heroin. Or 50 cents per gram. Once it crosses the US border the value increases at least 100-fold. That's 10,000% profit! Providing a steady stream of trillions for illegal secret wars and terror groups. Not to mention the havok wrought by such illicit fortunes sloshing around deftly in the financial markets.The trillions corrupt any institution that stands in the way of the drug trade and the global domination agenda of its perpetrators. At this late date, no center of power and infulence has escaped co-option by the dopelords. Prohibition has served as a primary tool for eliminating the middle class, and the Bill of Rights. If things don't change soon, the next generation will regard the term "middle class" as synonymous with "prison guard." Are you evil, stupid, or doing all you can to stop the War on Drugs?

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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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