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SHE WHO REMEMBERS began in 1989 when I attended Frank Sontag's first public lecture. He had just taken over the IMPACT program on KLOS from Michael Benner. Michael had been the news and public affairs guy there for a decade, since the beginning of commercial FM Rock 'n Roll in L.A. back in the 60s.

When I came back from Laos in '74, I was grappling with all the the revelations one gets as a State Dept. brat living in the CIA controlled opium capital of the world. Trying to integrate it all into some kind of future and career I could believe in. Because of my presence above the radar of the (ubiqutous in that town) intelligence community, and having set the record for SAT scores at our "embassy school" in Vientiane, I suppose, I was actually sent an invitation to apply to West Point.

Being so relieved that the draft had ended, not wanting to cut my hair, and knowing from experience that no one ever manages to change things from the inside, I decided to take the road less traveled by. I fancied myself a poet, loved tape recorders, and decided the music business was for me! I took five years of commercial music, recording arts, radio and TV production, acting, etc. at my local community colleges in Orange County.

After a few years of experiencing how the high cost of "tea" can destroy a marriage with a closet medical marijuana epilepsy patient, and enjoying my recording engineer job at the cassette duplicating stuidio, but not making enough money at it to pay for the rent and prohibited medication, I discovered, to my relief, that chiropractic really works, so I went back to school! To take all those hard classes I had avoided previously!

That meant I was living on the edge of Hollywood, too close to Frank's lecture venue to pass it up! I had been listening closely to Frank. To see if he was on the level like Michael had been. I was sensitive to the fact that a few years earlier, the 'CIA" in the form of Capital Cities (Casper Weinberger, William Casey, etc) bought ABC (presumably with dope money since their dummy front company only owned 6 AM stations around DC. And they bought the most proitable network out? Yeah, right!) and promptly fired the co-anchor of the famous and credible 20/20 weekly news program. If you recall said reporter, much to the dismay of the Dept. of State and the White House, had been sneaking into Aghanistan to report on Mujahadeen fighters trading opium and hashish. for weapons from the CIA! I'm sure you also recall the, until then credible, news anchor's name: Geraldo Rivera.

What influence owning ABC had on getting Carter out, and Regan (Bush, Casey, etc.) in, could fill another book, probably. But soon after Regan came in promising to get rid of the Federal Reserve, he got shot by a family friend of the Bushes, and thereafter championed only star wars, drug wars, and deregulation (of the wrong stuff!). Namely, with respect to this narrative, Reagan cancelled the news. He made it so there would no longer be an independent news department required to keep a broadcast license. Public affairs programming went out the window. No longer protected by a guaranteed budget based on a percentage of profits, but henceforth depending on ratings to get advertisers to stay on the air, just like any other "entertainment" program! In other words, even though it may still look like TV news and public affairs, it is really all under the umbrella of the entertainment department. Subject to the same market forces that determine whether Star trek, or 24, or Telly Tubbies, or Little House on the Prairie stay on the air. It's just song and dance now folks. Sleight of hand. TV news has ben made subservient to the advertisers. Big criminal corporations who pollute unchecked and profit from creating wars, get to decide how much coverage their "evil" gets on the news.

I was concerned that although Carter fired 600 covert operators from the CIA, including director Bush and his sidekick Ted Shackley, and he ordered stockpiling of opium in the national reserve caverns, to be available in case of national emergency, he did not say why he fired them, and no medals or indictments were handed out. The 600 were free to use their global dope dealing connections to raise money to influence politics. And they actually vowed to do so, proclaiming that they had the right policies and the ends justifies the means. It reminded me of Nixon having ordered the CIA/DEA to buy all the opium harvest and burn it on site,while I was in Laos. That was right before the purposely bumbling plumbers and Watergate. When the spooks got Nixon in the frying pan over watergate, Kissinger stepped in and literally began dictating (official and unofficial, i.e. covert, i.e. heroin trade) foreign policy.

The heroin crew assassinated Carter's character and got their people back in as they had promised when fired, to conduct government as they saw fit. Because after all they are the only ones patriotic enough to sell heroin to kids to save Wall St. For the good of all of us, of course! (sic).

Even though the CIA control of Air America and it's involvement in 'fascilitating' (as Alfred McCoy likes to put it) the opium trade was an open secret within the American community in Laos, you found out pretty quick that it wasn't something that was a good idea to go around asking questions about. It only took me a couple weeks after I got there, because I was as naive as most people still are, to find out that the place was crawling with spooks (agents) and pilots. And that it was the aforementioned opium capital of the world.

My thought process went something like: "Fuck man! If I can figure out a way to get some of that opium back home.... I wonder if the CIA knows about this! Oh my God! Of course they do! How could they not? So are they here to stop it or sell it? And if so who is behind it? How high up does it go? I got caught by my Dad smoking pot, and the parental units freaked out. I should mention that the CIA had distributed a memo to all the Dad's office mailboxes, which mine showed me, warning parents that the marijuana in Laos was known by them to be the most potent variety (Vientiane Green) in the world at 20% THC! My argument to Dad was that smoking a little pot was insignificant in the face of CIA selling heroin to children.

He asked around, being naive too, and the first person told him if he valued his job he should not ask about it. Then someone said: "Ever heard of Black Funds? We are trying to fight a war on Communism here, and we can't depend on the pinko Congress to give us enough money to do it. So we have to traffic heroin to save democracy and Western Civilization. But don't worry, it is all being funneled into the black communities, so it won't be affecting any of your friends and family back home."

It's a pretty brilliant little paragraph when you think of how well it works getting people to tow the line. Keep in mind that the FBI does security checks on everyone before they are sent over there. They got your number, and know exactly how to push your buttons. We were not overtly racist, just unexperienced with persons of color in our neighborhood. I remember getting weak in the knees one day at the market when I realized I was the only white guy in a crowd of thousands. I reflected on how much more safe and accepted I was there, than a black guy in my neighbor hood would probably have been made to feel. This revelation explained why black people never seemed able to rise out of poverty! And the fact that dope really gets sold to all colors of kids, it was obvious to me that they were actually destroying the middle class, despite the rhetoric of acting to save it by acting outside the law.

So I get back home freshly graduated from high school, as Nixon is resigning. I'm wondering if there was an overriding need to sell heroin to kids to pay for the war, it would eventually come out, and people would either be awarded medals or put in prison. The heroin would dry up and there would be no need for a War on Drugs. But instead this same cast of characters obviously manipulate their way back into the White House on the back of lovable but stupid Ronnie Reagan, a new, more refined operation, the war in Nicaragua starts up, and all of a sudden there is cocaine flowing "all over the highway in Mystic Connecticut." I mean the country is flooded with the stuff. It was easier to get than weed. And you could hardly find a pot dealer who wasn't now pushing coke. And since pot decrim in California, the price of an ounce of grass had risen 10 times in recent years, coke was almost offering more bang for the buck! For those so disposed, coke has advantages over cannabis, like making you a better hustler and not smelling funny. Coke is easier to hide and affords an air of superiority over potheads since it is pricey, and associated with high society. Oh, and girls seem to love lots of it if you can supply it to them for free.

Everyone seemed to be turning into cokestraw rhinos. Ripping people off any legal or quasi-legal way they could invent, to pay for their habits. It must have made the economy look like it was booming. Anyone who had a line on tons of coke could start up venture cap high tech companies and lure the kids in with the coke, so they spent all of their high salaries right there at the company store. You can see how this gives people an edge on Wall Street, by now, I hope. Dope generates on the order of 10,000% profit. All off the books and untaxed, but easily laundered through the stock market. This is why the market has become a house of cards. It was inevitable under the circumstances, predictable, and therefore planned! A complete ponzi scam populated by a bunch of purely materialistic coke junkies. Addicted to dope and dope money!

Genie had heard me call up Frank's new show to discuss some of these matters, so when she heard me at the meeting talking to someone about it during the break, she came up and asked if i was the guy who had called into the show. I said yes. And She Who Remembers was born.

I told her pretty much what I just told you. Specifically, she didn't have to blame the three fathers of her three kids for being inept. It wasn't their fault. the economy, thanks to the drug war, was being systematically ruined. Labor was getting the backlash of the pendulum, being swung ever so silently yet brutally back against it by the industrialists and financiers whose national security establishment enabled them to bring in dope, unhindered, by the planeload, for ever since WWII, really. I told her about "Roy of Hollywood" Tuckman and his show "Something's Happeining" that still airs late night on KPFK. I had been taping the best of his broadcasts for about a decade already. Since I was back in college I didn't have time to do anything with all the tapes. I gave her some gear for recording and several hundred recorded programs. I felt that there were people out there who wanted to know this information, if they only knew it existed. And had a better way to access it than late nite radio.

Roy had been taking advantage of the policy Regan originally resided over, that allowed adult content in the wee hours when kids were expected to be asleep, which happened to be when his show airs! Then with "deregulation" came a resending of the mature content rule. He and us, his progressive audience were nonplussed. So Roy began what has become his Wednesday night ritual of broadcasting information about CIA selling dope to kids, and what happens to all the money. As well as all things political that don't see the light of day in "mainstream" corporate controlled media.

Genie contacted Roy and he took her under his wing. He needed someone to go out and tape lectures so he could air them on the show! I made sure she could do it, and he gave her something to record and audiences she could sell the whole catalog of tapes to. It actually generated more cash than any of the other multi-level home sales products she had tried previously. By far! I was blown away that she was out meeting all these extraordinary people I had only heard on the radio! She seemed to win everyones heart with her forthrightness and humility. She became a local celeb amongst real Hollywood celebs who must have been closet listeners to Roy's show. Sometimes famous people would show up at her door out in the valley to buy this tape or that one! Occaisionally she had gatherings in her back yard, as well as rallies at the Federal Bldg. on Wilshire where I got to meet a lot of the folks myself. She always introduced me by telling people that I was the guy who got it all to start. I really appreciated her for that, even though I was always a bit shy (paranoid) of the spotlight.

One of the issues that wafted in one day was Malathion. Japan won't buy Oranges (at $5 apiece) from us if they have been sprayed. Evidently Malathion spray permanently damaged kids' eyesight there previously. So some spooky folks figured out that if Mediterranian Fruit Flies, even one smooshed one, turned up in any of the myriad of traps set up in the southland, the State would pay millions to have companies like CIA proprietary Evergreen spray Malathion incecticide (an organophosphate like xyclon B) over every neighborhood within several miles. Way too many miles. They had quadrants and Genie lived with her three growing daughters right on the corner of three of them. So when any of the quadrants got sprayed, she always got sprayed. And when multiple areas were covered she got covered multiple times. When you are a welfare mom with three kids it isn't so easy to move. All of them developed symptoms. Ranging from rashes to respiratory problems, even to seizures. A severe pneumonia swept through. I had it and had a heck of a time getting rid of it naturally. Roy had it and a few others in the "community." It was probably an epidemic happening like SARS only years before that, But it was underplayed in the media. Genie ultimately got diagnosed with "adult onset asthma" and the inhaler they prescribed (for life) didn't seem to go well with her Native American genes.

It turned into something like emphyzema. Some say it was TB, although I doubt it. She would have respiratory attacks and they put her in the hospital several times. She'd spend a lot of time at home using an oxygen ventillator. I had moved to Europe, and called her to let her know I'd be visiting. She was not doing well. Her previous boyfriend had really put a strain on her, and raising her kids alone was really taking its toll. She was too weak to keep up with the kids and the activism, let alone earn extra money somehow. I promised her that when I got there I'd get her a juicer and get her set up on a real good diet, and yoga, and only good stuff to get her well. It was something she had learned a lot about from Roy's show, but had never done. And that had always grieved me that she always took better care of everyone else than she did herself. Becuase we all needed her! It probably happened while I was in flight over the Atlantic. She had had another attack and went to hospital. Probably because she was a charity case, she had to agree to trying an experimental treatment. Who knows if it even had any use for what was actually ailing her or if they just wanted a test subject for God knows what, but she immediately went into convulsions and was no longer with us after a few hours of attempting reseussitation. Terrible luck? Foul play? We will likely never know for sure.

At my behest Genie's daughter made the archive available to Jan over at Gnostic Media for digitizing and now two decades of history few ever heard about is available for everyone cheap! It is a legacy we are proud of that has worked like maginc to wake up many a wayward traveler looking for the Truth. It has brought relief to countless numbers of people who sensed something was out of wack in America, but couldn't on their own quite figure out what. The archive has hundreds of hours of lectures and interviews from the most extraordinary people ever recorded! All in one amazing bundle. A veritable college education in its own right. And I'm saying it as someone with two college educations on top of it! The full course in humanity.

The work Genie did lives on in the archive. If you choose to ignore them then so be it. If you delve into it, it will open your eyes. There will be no going back. Denial will no longer be in the form of cognitive dissonance. It will graduate to the level of willful ignorance. You will be forced to act if you have any conscience. What you do is up to you. Choosing not to decide is still a choice. There is still a non-violent way to achieve, peacefiully, fair and prosperous sustainability! And many hands make light work. There are only a few thousand bullies out there who need to be spanked and depossessed of their nuclear weapons and ill gotten trilions! Biofuel technology has all but made fossil fuel a fossil. Organic permaculture can produce more food per acre than "petrochemical monoculture." All WE need to do is find out about them and emplement them! We can leave the elite behind by organizing locally and side stepping their corporate globalist agenda.

Prohibition actually makes dope MORE available to targeted kids than beer and cigarettes. Therefore it actually causes MORE addiction! This fact is NOT lost on the people who laugh all the way to the bank everyday. While we put our neighbors' (or our own?) kids in jail and ruin their lives to "protect" them. Prison is a LOT MORE dangerous than drug use, and kids would not be able to get drugs if they were legal, taxed, and regulated for adult use only. Few adults become addicts. Lifelong addiction almost always begins in adolesence. The War on Drugs is a war on kids by the very people who sell the dope to them, and own the privtate prisons and treatment centers kids get sent to. Once you begin to see the picture it all starts to become very clear. You have dopelords who have media and the intelligence community at their disposal. That spells mind control. Propaganda. Mass hypnotism. All the religious arguments against legalization (freedom) are completely contrived by paid (psychopathic) psychologists. If you belong to one of these churches you are being duped. Jesus was a mushroom for chrissakes! No, but really!

SWR does just what theatre/movies/TV does: Ask you to suspend your disbelief for awhile. Keep an open mind, and especially an open heart. The humanity we seek to nourish is you! We are all in this together whether we like it or not and it behooves us to spend a little time trying to understand what makes other people think the way they do. Even, dare we say, try to understand better why you think the way you do. Most of the 10,000 odd people your brain has room for in the familiar "us" catagory are figments of TV imagination. Glowing phosphors excited by a cathode ray. How can we not have become hypnotized. Billions got spent making sure we would. The first symptom of being a victim of brainwashing is believing you are not! None are more hopelessly enslaved than those laboring under the illusion that they are free.

What I told Ruppert right after 9-11, when he wanted to know how our "government" might possibly find justification for being itself involved in the attack, was this. Population is increasing at 1 billion every 10 years. It took a million years to get to one billion. There is a point where fossil fuel cannot be produced as fast as demand requires. America is based on cheap abundant energy. Every reason given in history for US starting a war was a fraud. Remember the Maine? Lusitania? Tonkin? Even Pearl Harbor was no real surprise to the powers that be. Unocal had just been rejected by Taliban on the oil pipeline deal. Taliban was told we will either carpet you in gold or bombs. Contrary to what we have been led to believe, the Taliban's way of retalliating was to (for the first time ever anywhere) accept the offer from UN and DEA of millions to eradicate opium. The taliban only gets a few dollars per kilo of opium anyway. So they weren't out any serious cash. But what most people don't know, and Ruppert (and the Taliban aka Paki intelligence) did, was that our economic system is "kept afloat" by an annual influx of hundreds of billions of narcodollars into the stock market. The CIA-type dopelords make $1000s per kilo instead $1s like the Afghanis do.

Keeping the economic system afloat may seem all good and reasonable, but keep in mind that if there was no prohibition, and hence no narcodollars, all that money would still get invested by the poor slobs who it gets ripped off from by addicts every year. Addicts who have to pay for a years supply to get a single daily fix, thanks to the astronomical mark-up afforded by the black market. Face it, the real cost of a legal heroin or coke habit is only a couple dollars a day. If first world addicts could buy direct from third world farmers, addicts would not be forced into crime to support their habits. That means no one would have incentive for selling dope to kids, and addiction rates would plummet, as new generations of addicts fail to materialize. The DEA is a cancer upon the Republic. The WoD is a self-amplifying disaster known by those who gave it to us to do exactly the opposite of what they led you to believe it was supposed to do. It was never meant to protect you or your kids. It was meant as a way to bankrupt the middle class. It was designed to divide families and create a new class of "slaves." It was intended as a tool for dismantling the Bill of Rights, and bring down the Republic. To transfer wealth from the many to the few. Ultimately, to bring about a totalitarian police state, if enough people do not take a stand soon enough.








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